Interior design courses in Surrey


The short course is an intensive three day interior design course taught to a semi-professional level by a graduate teacher in an award winning property. It is aimed at those wanting a quality finish in their own home, but it is also for anyone looking for career progression - either by using the portfolio created on the course as an aid to better employment, or the extension pack provided to start a small business/add to an existing business.


The key principles of design and decoration are explained and illustrated with real-life examples. Everyone leaves with something to treasure (their portfolio), a certificate, and information about a new perspective on how to decorate. This is a simple system that involves decorating around a picture - either a piece of art (see @sallysurreyhouse on instagram) or more usually, a picture from another source such as a luxury magazine image which has been styled by the best in the field. These 'curated images' result in a more original finished look, and make the whole process of decorating a space much less daunting.


The courses are highly structured to ensure excellent results in minimum time - and standards are high - but the approach is friendly and kind so everyone is welcome. They take place on a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (10am-4pm) in the Spring and the Autumn, and numbers are kept low to allow for personalisation. 


The next course with spaces is on the 15th, 16th and 17th of September (limited availability) with another on the 6th, 7th and 8th of October. Click on the grey house (houzz) logo below to read the reviews.

Price isn't mentioned as it is sometimes purchased as a gift...details on request.



A black fabric portfolio case with mount board and art sleeves, a scale ruler, a colour wheel imported from the States, a booklet with all the key principles, a room scheme in a box, the extension pack...and lunch.

Lunch takes place in the 54ft former milking parlour where you look out onto a garden designed by a Chelsea gold medal winner - it really is a course like no other.

Course content:

  • The key elements of good design including space planning

  • Understanding style
  • The professional route to design via mood and soft furnishings boards
  • A new perspective on how to decorate (involving the use of curated images)
  • Colour theory and schemes
  • Lighting principles
  • Sourcing 


Interiors courses nr London

Reviews can be seen on houzz just click on the grey house logo below 


Each portfolio has a mood and soft furnishings board (as above), a 1:50 room plan, and style boards. In total there are seven A3 boards created over the three days which are all beautifully presented. There is also a scheme in a box.